A tasty Macedonia & Thessaly tour

The week 08-15/05/2015 we had the pleasure to host a group of friends from Belgium. Upon arrival at Thessaloniki we departed for Vergina where we spent three days enjoying not only the marvellous archeological treasures of the area as the Great Tumulus of Philip II of Macedonia and the wonderful Byzantine museum of Veria, but also the natural beauties of the region, as the Pozar thermal springs. We tasted the excellent Naoussa wines and we heard about the Boules celebration while trying some local tsipouro!

We admired the impressive Meteora rocks and visited some monasteries with wonderful frescoes. Upon return to Thessaloniki we met the city’s rich culture going from Roman to Byzantine, to Othoman, Jewish and Greek. A relaxing cruise along the shores of Mt. Athos was the best way to close our tour and we were happy to see that our friends had so many good memories to take back home with them!


I couldn’t word my impression about our trip better than described above. I really enjoyed this excursion in Macedonia under the appreciated guidance of Vangelis.
He was there for us all the time with clear explanations and with ready answers to all our questions.
Although in the past I visited already a most of the highlights, to be there again with new comments and explanations was really worthwile!
Thank you again Vangelis! An Hofkens

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