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Hiking in Northern Greece is definitely a unique experience

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Hiking on ancient roads



Zagori & Tzoumerka


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Thessaloniki, capital of Norther Greece
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Kastoria and western Macedonia is your destination
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History and myth come together

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Yachting tours will bring you closer to the nature

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Boreas Travel

Boreas art and nature travel services is the result of the effort of an enterprising team to suggest a different way of touring through Greece, by exploring its rich culture, millenary history and virgin nature. From the birthplace of Alexander the Great to the peak of Mount Olympus through picturesque villages and ancient forgotten paths Boreas can offer the experience of a unique, undiscovered world.

Why Northern Greece

Through the ages many civilizations have succeeded each other in the Greek north, which remained dotted with largely unexplored classical, roman and medieval monuments. Even the smallest, regional museums conserve in their collections parts of this unique heritage, widely protected by UNESCO. A lavish nature surrounds these treasures with imposing mountains, crystal coastlines, charming small villages under an ever blue, bright and sunny sky.

Why Choose Us


A team of licensed tour guides, historians, archeologists and philologists is studying every program we suggest. Boreas art and nature travel services is based upon people with extraordinary knowledge of local culture, habits and everyday life, to allow travellers to get into it and live Greece as fully as possible. We are aiming to tell the story of each place, and to do so we are seeking its most characteristic details. For us a successful tour is not a collection of monuments, images or sites, but the vivid memory that you will bring back home.


We know that no matter how interesting a tour may be, if it doesn't offer some comodity and comfort, it ends up quite unsatisfactory. That is why we include in our programs the best hotels of every place we visit. That is why we are searching and suggesting restaurants that will satisfy the most exigent clients, helping to approach local cuisine. We insist on well guided tours, incorporating the best professionals in our team. As our partners are careully selected, we have established a permanent relationship with them that allows us to offer packages at very reasonable prices.


What distinguishes Boreas is the excellent knowledge of Greek culture and the contact with local market. So, if you imagine a kind of tour different from what we suggest, we will be glad to carry out the necessary research and contribute our network of partners to offer you the opportunity to follow a tailor-made tour at a very competitive price!
You can rest assured that an equipe of accomplished professionals will plan in detail your tour, and you can have the work done FREE OF CHARGE! So, please, ask us for more and enjoy your tour!


Boreas art & nature travel services was created to promote greek culture and nature. Travelling is our passion, Greece is our home. We combine both to offer complete tour services that go way beyond the usual “sea-and-sun with a little of archeology” kind of tours. The tours Boreas suggests are projected by a team of historians and archeologists and carried out by authorised, experienced guides, professionals themselves in history and archeology. We are collecting suggestions and stories from the locals to enrich the travel experience and we are suggesting the most original and characteristic aspects of each region: history from ancient times to present days, folklore, architecture, gastronomy. Plus, we are offering the best accommodation and transportation to make your touring experience as comfortable as possible!