Kastoria a small, peaceful, picturesque city

Kastoria is a small, peaceful, picturesque town of western Macedonia region, in Northern Greece. Built on a peninsula on the homonymous lake, Kastoria hides a fascinating history and many interesting curiosities. The lake settlement of Dispilio gives an idea of the first residents of the region in the inhospitable environment of the lake. The fist cradle of the Macedonian kingdom was here, in ancient Orestis, before the Macedonians obtained power and descended towards the fertile Macedonian plain and commercial ports of Pydna and Amfipolis. Later on, Kastoria became a commercial town, centre of fur production, artisanship that brings wealth even nowdays.

Conserving many of its famous archontika’, wealthy people’s mansions of typical local architecture, and byzantine churches decorated with splendid frescoes, Kastoria is kind of an open-air museum of local history. Don’t think, though, that the city is just a collection of inanimate buildings: local customs, as the Ragoutsaria, liven up the small city, creating a festive atmosphere with local colours, difficult to resist.

Whether you are looking for calm walks along the lake, enjoying the variety of birds overflying, or for fun out of the usual, in an evocative environment, Kastoria and western Macedonia is your destination.

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